DGM Saudi Arabia

DGM is a worldwide organization of companies acknowledged as experts in dangerous goods and chemical products. DGM has also become an IATA Strategic Partner and an IATA Publications Sales Agent. Today DGM is a network of independent companies operating in different countries, using the same brand name, operating principles, and quality and safety standards.

DGM Saudi Arabia is the member within the DGM global network and the member of WCA-DGLA in KSA. The Headquarter of DGM Saudi Arabia is located in Western Region Jeddah. DGM Saudi Arabia is the pioneer in Dangerous Goods solutions provider & specializes in field of Packaging Solutions Goods, Storage, Logistics, Transportation (Air. Road, IMDG_) In addition to being an IATA Accredited Training School.

From the date of establishing, it is rooted in the professional services for the transport of dangerous goods in order to promote our country's security specifications of the transport of dangerous goods duty and commitment to the dangerous goods.